Where do the rollers of roller conveyor need to be maintained?

In the process of using the rollers of roller conveyor, it needs to be maintained accordingly. In addition to the necessary maintenance and maintenance, it is also an important job to do a good job of overhauling. So what are the key maintenance and maintenance areas of the roller conveyor?

1. In the process of use, it is necessary to clean the conveyor rollers in time to keep the roller lines of all parts clean to prevent impurities from damaging the equipment.

2. The rollers of roller conveyors should be regularly replaced with lubricating oil, and the sealing and oil sealing conditions should be checked.

3. Check the bearings, gears, and the parts inside the conveyor roller, and repair or replace them in time if there is a problem.

There are many places where the rollers of the roller conveyor needs to be maintained and maintained. After understanding the above aspects, in the process of using the roller of the conveyor, the satisfaction of use will be improved and the service life of the equipment will be extended.