What should we pay attention to when using flexible conveyors?

During the use of the flexible chain conveyor, if we want to ensure that it has as few failures as possible in operation, and can properly extend its service life, there are six precautions in the use of the flexible chain conveyor :

1. Lubricant should be injected into each lubrication point of the flexible conveyor in time.

2. During operation, uniform feeding should be sought, and the maximum block size of feeding should be controlled within the specified range.

3. The tension of the drag chain should be adjusted appropriately, and it should be checked frequently during operation, and the adjusting screw of the tensioning device should be adjusted if necessary.

4. It is not advisable to stop and start the conveyor equipment when it is fully loaded, and it is not possible to reverse the conveyor equipment.

5. The reducer must be replaced with new lubricating oil after 7-14 days of operation, and it can be replaced once every 3-6 months according to the situation.

6. Regularly check the bolt connection of the groove bottom plate and the chain plate conveyor. If any looseness is found, it should be dealt with in time.

During its use and operation, it is necessary to frequently check the lubrication of the operating parts of the equipment, and to refuel the flexible conveyor regularly.

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