What preparations need to be done to install the flexible chain conveyor?

When installing flexible chain conveyors and flexible link conveyor, it is necessary to open the box for inspection, mainly to see whether the parts are complete and damaged. After the inspection is correct, the foundation installation can be carried out. The center line and center position must be determined, and then reinforced concrete pouring and maintenance of the foundation. After a period of maintenance and correct calibration, the equipment can be installed.

Before the flexible conveyor is installed, all parts should be cleaned, the anti-rust grease should be removed and checked. The holes in the foundation are also cleaned and inspected so that they can be installed in place. Hoist the frame to the foundation and install the anchor bolts into the foot plate. After installation, install the track. After the track is installed, install the driving sprocket device, tail wheel device, tension device and chain plate. Finally install the motor, reducer and other equipment.

These are the preparations before the installation of the flexible conveyor. Only sufficient preparations can make the subsequent installation work like a duck to water, so everyone should not ignore this step, so as not to be in a hurry at that time

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