Curved flexible chain conveyor with turnplates

What is the conveying method and structure of the plastic flexible chain conveyor?

As a conveying machine in recent years, flexible chain conveyors can be large or small, and can be made into conveying methods such as pallets, stacks, hangings, and clips. According to the requirements of customers, professional production lines can be customized into various forms.

The flexible conveyor structure is mainly composed of the following aspects:

1. Flexible conveyor chain

Made of high-strength engineering plastics. It can be divided into flat chain, universal chain, steel top chain, wedge connection, ball chain, brush chain, elastic chain, etc. The conveyor chain utilizes the carefully designed mutual staggered abdication structure and hinge cooperation between the two chain links, so that the conveyor chain can bend freely in the horizontal and vertical directions, so that the entire conveyor belt can be turned in space.

2. Flexible conveyor conveying beam

It is composed of anodized aluminum alloy profiles or stainless steel materials and friction rails. It can be divided into standard type and enhanced type.

3. Flexible conveyor frame body

It is also composed of anodized aluminum alloy profiles or stainless steel materials. Divided into light, medium and heavy.

4. Flexible conveyor drive device

It is composed of aluminum drive head and tail which is die-cast by powder metallurgy process. Divided into single drive, double drive and intermediate drive. The active element is generally a motor.

5. Flexible conveyor guide device

The two side guardrails that can make the material always run in the middle of the chain plate.

6. Flexible conveyor turning device

The inner support device when the chain plate turns. It is divided into horizontal elbow, vertical elbow, horizontal wheel elbow and horizontal wheel.

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