What aspects should be paid attention to in the use of flexible chain conveyors?

What aspects should be paid attention to in the use of flexible chain conveyors

Precautions in the use of flexible chain conveyors:

1. Before opening the flexible chain conveyor, it is necessary to check whether the safety protection devices of the transmission parts and sprockets are securely installed. Check whether the connection of each line is loose or slipping, check whether the lubrication between the chain plates meets the requirements, and add lubricating oil immediately if the requirements are not met.

2. The flexible chain conveyor should be started according to the starting sequence, first open the material receiving equipment, then start the chain plate conveying line, and then start the feeding device.

3. The flexible chain conveyor should feed evenly during the operation. When conveying materials, it should not be too much. Otherwise, it is easy to block and flow out of the machine, which can easily cause the chain plate derailment accident.

4. During the transportation of the flexible chain conveyor, if any failure occurs, it needs to be stopped immediately for inspection and repaired by professionals.

5. Always check the tightness of the chain plate regularly, and adjust the tightness at any time to prevent the chain plate conveyor belt from slipping.

6. Keep the flexible chain conveyor clean, and fill in the relevant usage records carefully every day.

  • Before shutting down, stop the feeding equipment first, and then wait for the material on the conveyor belt to be transported cleanly before shutting down.