What are the requirements for the gears of the telescopic belt conveyor?

After we understand the telescopic belt conveyor, we are not very familiar with the requirements of the telescopic belt conveyor for the gears, especially when purchasing the matching gears of the telescopic belt conveyor, it is even more difficult to do, then the telescopic belt conveyor What are the requirements of the machine for gears?


  1. For the requirements on the size of the gear spacing, many roller manufacturers will arrange the layout at the beginning of the design in order to facilitate the installation and disassembly during the production process, and the general spacing has corresponding regulations.
  1. The precision of the gear should be high. After all, it is run-in with the high-speed operation of the telescopic belt conveyor. If the precision is not high, it is easy to fail.
  1. The width of the gears can also be adjusted during production, and the size requirements of the gears should be determined according to different usage requirements.

The requirements of the telescopic belt conveyor for the gears are nothing more than high requirements in terms of precision, and the design should be combined with the actual needs. If the telescopic belt conveyor and the gears are well run-in, it can be used easily.

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