PC-295 flexlink chain conveyor (1)

What are the features and advantages of flexible chain conveyors?

The flexible conveyor is a situation combined three-dimensional conveying system, which adopts aluminum alloy frame and plastic-steel conveyor chain. It has a smart, lightweight, beautiful, standardized structure, modular design, fast installation, random, stable system, compact, quiet, no pollution, widely used in production lines with high hygiene requirements, small site range, cleanliness, and high degree of automation. It has the advantages of small turning radius and strong climbing. Pharmaceutical factories, cosmetic factories, food factories, bearing factories and other industries are ideal and convenient products for automatic connection.

Advantages of using flexible conveyors:

1. The flexible conveyor is used to support and transport materials with load-bearing members such as flat plates or scales connected to the traction chain in various layouts and methods.

2. The load capaticy is large, and the conveying weight can reach more than 10 tons, which is especially suitable for the transportation of large weight materials.

3. The conveying length can reach more than 120 meters, the operation is stable and reliable, and it is suitable for the installation production line of single-piece large-scale commodities.

4. The equipment layout is sturdy and reliable, and can be used in harsh environments.

5.Various accessories or fixtures can be set on the chain plate.

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