skate wheel roller conveyor

What are the advantages of unpowered roller conveyors?

The main purpose of the unpowered roller conveyor is to convey the goods by manually pushing the goods. The main way is to manually drive the conveyor belt or change its running direction. It is a form of roller conveying and one of the main accessories of conveying equipment. What are the advantages of the unpowered roller conveyor?


  1. The power roller has precise design and simple structure, which can be easily installed and disassembled for transportation.
  1. The noise is small and will not affect the personal health of the operator.
  1. The design form can prevent dust from falling to a great extent, which is conducive to keeping the equipment clean.
  1. The material has strong anti-corrosion ability and good durability.

Unpowered roller conveyors are widely used in transmission and conveying systems in all walks of life. There are many types to choose from. Choosing the right product plays an important role in the subsequent production and operation.

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