What are the advantages of modular belt conveyors?

What are the advantages of modular belt conveyors?


  1. Modular belt conveyor has a wide range of conveying capabilities

The conveying ability of the modular belt conveyor can meet the required conveying tasks. There are not only light conveyors for conveying tasks with a small conveying volume, but also large conveyors for conveying tasks of tens of tons or even thousands of tons per hour.


  1. Wide variety of conveying materials

The range of conveying materials may range from very fine powders, to various cartons, turnover boxes, and bags. Because rubber conveyor belts have high corrosion resistance, they are used for maintenance when conveying highly corrosive or highly abrasive materials. degree is relatively low. The conveyor may also transport alkaline materials and hot materials with a certain temperature, and may also transport finished items.


  1. The strong adaptability of the transmission line

The modular belt conveyor may adapt to the terrain with a slope of 30% to 35%, while for truck transportation, it can only adapt to the slope of the original natural terrain with a slope of 6% to 8%. Conveyor lines can adapt to the terrain, zigzag in space and level to reduce capital investment, and can avoid the trouble of railways, roads, rivers and mountains in factories or other crowded areas. The transportation line of the conveyor is very flexible, and the line length can be extended as needed.


  1. Mobile loading and unloading

The conveyor can flexibly receive materials from one or more points according to the process requirements, and may also discharge materials to multiple points or several sections.


  1. Strong sturdiness

The sturdiness of the modular belt conveyor has been proved by the application experience in all industrial fields, its operation is sturdy, and it is used in many important production units that require continuous operation, such as coal transportation in power plants, steel plants and cement plants. The transportation of bulk materials and the loading and unloading of bulk materials by ships in ports have been widely used.


  1. High insurance

The modular belt conveyor has high safety, requires few production personnel, and has less chance of causing an accident compared with other transportation methods. There will be no accidents caused by large pieces of material falling and injuring people or by the failure of large and heavy vehicles.


  1. Low maintenance cost

The labor hours and energy consumption required by the modular belt conveyor system to transport materials are usually the lowest among all tools for transporting bulk materials. Moreover, it takes up less time for maintenance personnel, and the maintenance and replacement of smaller whole machines can be quickly realized on site, and the maintenance cost is low.

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