The role of modular belt conveyor drive wheel

Modular belt conveyor is one of the most widely used, fastest and most precise conveying machinery in industrial production, and is widely used in all walks of life. The modular belt conveyor is usually completed by multiple sets of transmission components. The application of planetary gears and sprocket drive groups in the medical modular belt production line not only improves the economic benefits of the medical modular belt production line, but also promotes the development of planetary gears on medical modular belt conveyors.


The planetary gear transmission set of the accessories of the medical modular belt conveyor is usually designed and selected according to the calculation of strength and stiffness combined with the structural design requirements of the planetary gear. On the pharmaceutical modular belt conveyor, in order to accurately calculate the stiffness and hardness of the planetary gear, the corresponding production material configuration and reasonable production process deployment can be calculated to ensure the bearing capacity of the planetary gear transmission group, effectively preventing the pharmaceutical modular belt production line excessive carrying capacity in production operations, which will cause deformation and fracture of the planetary gear. In the design and manufacture of the medical modular belt conveyor, in order to ensure the stability and fixation of the machine and the convenience of disassembly in daily maintenance, the structure design of the planetary gear is often very high. Only by maintaining the scientificity of the planetary gear structure design, can the high-speed and stable operation of the pharmaceutical modular belt production line be guaranteed. Usually, the compact and neatly arranged planetary gear structure is the most reliable prerequisite for improving the carrying capacity of the medical modular belt conveyor.

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