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The main application areas of top chain plate inclined conveyor

  1. Logistics industry

For the logistics industry, the logistics conveying equipment designed and manufactured by our company has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, high efficiency and high accuracy. Logistics conveying equipment includes pvc/pu belt conveyors, top chain conveyors, roller conveyors, sorting conveyors, material inclined cpnveyor, etc. It also needs to be equipped with various peripheral transportation and loading and unloading machinery to form a complex automatic sorting system to realize the transportation of goods.

  1. Daily chemical industry

For the daily chemical industry, the conveying equipment designed and manufactured by our company includes flat top chain conveyor, bottle clamp conveyor, top chain conveyor and daily chemical belt conveyor, daily chemical roller conveyor, daily chemical screw conveyor, daily chemical pu/pvc belt conveyor,  daily chemical modular belt conveyor, material inclined conveyor, etc.

  1. Home appliance and electronics industry

There are many successful cases of home appliance production lines designed and manufactured by our company for the home appliance electronics industry. The home appliance assembly line equipment includes pvc/pu belt conveyors, top chain conveyors, double-speed chain conveyors, material inclined conveyor, etc. There are mainly led assembly line, refrigerator assembly line, TV assembly line, air conditioner outdoor unit assembly line, speaker assembly line, etc.

  1. Fruit and vegetable industry

The fruit and vegetable conveyors designed and manufactured by our company for the fruit and vegetable industry mainly include: vegetable washing inclined conveyor, jam filling conveyor, filling machine diversion trolley, vegetable sorting conveyor, fruit picking line, modular belt inclined conveyor, pre-juicing machine processing system.

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