Specifications and application range of flexible line conveyor

The flexible line conveyor (flexible chain conveyor) is a conveying method composed of a conveyor beam made of aluminum profiles, support legs made of aluminum profiles, high-pressure die-casting aluminum drive modules, turning aluminum profiles and chain plates. Since the conveying beams and supporting legs are all aluminum profiles, it is easy to cut quickly, and it is easy to be long or short, high or low. At the same time, the aluminum material is easy to bend, and it is easy to directly modify the length and the height of the wire body at the installation site. The weight is light, the work intensity of the staff is small, and it is easy to make the conveyor line body path we need, so it is called a flexible line conveyor.

Flexible line conveyor, the overall width is 45, 65, 85, 105, 145, 182,300 (unit: mm)

The widths of the chain plates are 35, 44, 63, 83, 103, 140, 175, 295 (unit: mm)

Flexible line conveyor products are widely used in packaging, beverage, pharmaceutical, canning, logistics, food, tobacco, automobile, electronics, chemical and other industries.