Moudlar Belt Conveyor

Modular belt conveyor is mainly composed of modular belts and steel frame support. Besides, there are other accessories like drive motor, control box, sprockets, brackets, guides, ware strips, leveling feet, tensioners, flanges, and so on.

Modular belt conveyor are a middle ground between belt conveyors and chain conveyors. A modular belt consists of individual plastic modules usually linked together with joint rods. … The modular belt makes it possible to accept hot workpieces or workpieces with sharp edges.

Plastic modular belts are connected with joint rods.These segments can be removed and replaced individually, in contrast to having to discard the entire belt. They’re also easier to wash, as well as more resistant to sharp and abrasive materials. This makes modular belt conveyors simpler to maintain and repair than their flat belt counterparts.