Flexible Chain Conveyor

Flexible Chain Conveyor is composed of plastic multi-flexing chain, alumimum profile beam, support legs and feet, sprockets, brackets, guides, drive head and end, elbows, wear strip etc. But in the Pesticide industrr and Chemical industry, the flexi chain conveyor support body could not be aluminum, but stainless steel 304.

If you want to customize your conveyor line, pls tell us bellowing details ( if you have conveyor drawings, it’s perfect):

  • conveyor size L*W*H, conveyor type and shape
  • application industry
  • handling material packing type, size and weight
  • frame support material
  • motor drive units, China brand or SEW or ABB, 230V-400V, 50Hz or 60Hz, single phase or three phases, waterproof IP65 or no need
  • conveyor speed: fixed or variable