Pallet Conveyor

Pallet Conveyor
Pallet chain conveyors are used when moving large heavy loads such as pallets, drums, bales etc. This range of conveyor can handle product up to nominally 2000kgs depending on the type and size of the load. It can be twin, triple or multi strand pallet chain conveyor. These pallet chain conveyors offer long distance straight-line transportation for pallets that may not travel comfortably on rollers e.g. euro pallets, cages, etc.

Double Spped Chain Conveyor
The chain used as the traction and bearing body to transport materials, which can bear large loading; The conveying speed is stable, which can ensure accurate synchronous transmission.


Made of special profile, easy to install,
Beautiful structure, practical, low noise,
Reliable performance, can work in various harsh environments (high temperature, dust).