Problems that should be paid attention to when using modular belt conveyor

After adjusting the whole process of modular belt conveyor equipment, it is also a problem to pay attention to the initial application, which also endangers the service life of the modular belt conveyor.


  1. When the modularbelt conveyor is used in the production process, if there is an emergency situation in all normal production and manufacturing, you should press the bright red emergency stop switch as soon as possible to quickly turn off the machine.
  1. In the same machine, it cannot be applied according to the connection and fusion of modularbelt conveyors of different types and specifications.
  1. The tension change often encountered in the application of the modularbelt conveyor is not suitable for excessive development. It should be ensured that it works under a small initial tension under the premise that the transmission gear of the transmission device does not slip and the receiving point does not sag too much.
  1. It is generally stipulated that the modularbelt conveyor runs in an empty chain to prevent the motor load and the modularbelt conveyor from slipping; before the shutdown, except for special circumstances, all the modular belt conveyors should be removed.
  1. The running sequence is to open the unloading modularbelt conveyor of the next conveyor first, then open it forward one after another, and then open the receiving modular belt conveyor. The standby sequence is reversed from the running sequence.                                                                   

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