Curved flexible chain conveyor with turnplates

Precautions for using flexible conveyors

Precautions for flexible chain conveyors


When designing a flexible chain plate conveyor, it is not advisable to pursue the conveying volume alone, and it should be properly designed according to the site conditions. Only normal width, height and length can ensure safe transportation. The flexible chain plate conveyor is suitable for the width of 500mm~1800mm; height <1500mm; length <30000mm.


Because the length and width of the chain conveyors are different in different working environments, the chain conveyors are all made to order. When ordering a chain plate conveyor, it must not be ignored, such as the thickness of the chain plate, the pitch of the chain plate, the speed of the conveyor, the power of the conveyor, and the strength of the body are all very important. Because the thickness and material of the conveyor chain plate are related to the weight and composition of the conveyed material, the pitch is related to the chain model, the speed of the chain plate conveyor is related to the output, and the power, body strength and conveying weight are related. The chain conveyor can only be customized under the corresponding parameters.


There are many types of flexible conveyors, and different types of flexible chain conveyors have different functions and prices. For example, hinge-type chain conveyors are more suitable for the transportation of small bulk materials, while bridge-type flexible chain conveyors It is more suitable for the transportation of materials with large volume and high density. The flat-top chain conveyor is even more different. It is suitable for the transportation of light-weight and fast-speed packaging lines. Therefore, when customers choose a flexible chain plate conveyor, they must choose the flexible chain plate conveyor correctly according to their own conveying environment and material characteristics.

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