One of the introduction of conveying structure in automation equipment

Conventional conveying equipment

Follow a certain line from the loading point to the unloading point in a continuous, uniform manner. A mechanical device that conveys packaged goods, called a conveyor.

Features of conveying machinery:

The goods can be transported uninterruptedly. The goods are transported along a fixed route, and the action is single, so the structure is simple and easy to realize automatic control. Poor versatility.

Conveyor working parameters

Conveying speed: the running speed of the conveyed goods along the conveying direction;

Bandwidth: The size depends on the width of the material;

Conveying length: refers to the unfolding distance between the loading point and the unloading point of the conveyor;

Lifting height: refers to the conveying distance of goods or materials in the vertical direction;

Others: safety factor, braking time, starting time. Motor power, maximum dynamic tension, maximum static tension, pre-tension, tensioning stroke and other technical performance parameters, etc.

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