What needs to be checked before the modularbelt conveyor runs?

Modular belt conveyor is a material handling machine that continuously conveys materials on a certain line, also known as continuous conveyor, which can be divided into two types, modular belt conveyor and modular chain conveyor. What should you check before running the modualr belt conveyor?

1. Check the moudalr belt conveyor before starting to see if the power supply and indicator lights are normal. The next operation can be carried out only when it is confirmed that there is no hidden danger.

2. Turn on the power supply of the modular belt conveyor, turn on the relevant power control buttons, confirm that the main motor is running normally and the speed of the modular belt conveyor is uniform, and then adjust the relevant speed according to the conveying needs.  

3. After the speed of the modular belt conveyor is adjusted, it can work normally.

4. During the operation, you should always pay attention to the operation of the modular belt conveyor. If there is an abnormal situation, you should stop the operation in time and find out the reason.  

5.Prevent foreign objects from sticking and jamming the modular belt of the modular belt conveyor and causing abnormal operation.

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