Modern conveying equipment – pipe chain conveyor

When it comes to conveying equipment, most factories or workshops use various traditional conveying equipment such as screw conveying, belt conveying or pneumatic conveying and chain plate conveying. Today we are going to talk about a new type of conveying equipment. Conveying equipment that breaks the traditional conveying concept – pipe chain conveyor.


The so-called breaking the traditional conveying concept is that this pipe chain conveyor can be interspersed with different spaces for conveying. Airtight and dust-free transportation. There is absolutely no need to worry about the dust problem caused by the leakage of dust during the conveying process. And it can achieve 360-degree rotary conveying and 360-degree roundabout conveying. There is no need to worry about the impact of space and layout, and it can be transported as you want without occupying space. Because the pipe chain conveyor itself is two pipes in the chain drive the chain piece to push the material for transportation. So the space occupied can be ignored.


Customers can also professionally design and customize a set of pipe chain conveyors suitable for themselves according to the layout of their own workshops and the characteristics of conveying materials. The material of the pipe chain conveyor can be customized with ordinary carbon steel or stainless steel. Height up to 40 meters, length up to 60 meters. Therefore, no matter how big the customer’s factory is, a reasonable solution can be customized. This is impossible with traditional conveying equipment. Horizontal, inclined and vertical combined conveying is possible. Any form of material can be transported, including paste, powder or small particles and mixed materials are no problem.


Moreover, the feeding port and the discharging port of the pipe chain conveyor can be set arbitrarily, which reduces the labor intensity of throwing it to the greatest extent and saves manpower labor. Improve production efficiency.


The most worth mentioning is that many old factories are facing the problem of factory renovation. The pipe chain conveyor can be said to be a good choice. Pipe chain conveyors can also choose some partners to improve the productivity of workshop automation. For example, a ton bag packaging machine and a pipe chain conveyor or a ton bag unpacking machine is a good partner to transport with a pipe chain conveyor after unpacking and unloading.


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