Introduction to the application of flexible conveyors in the wine industry

Flexible conveyors can provide a good transmission solution for wine industry transportation from production, transportation, sorting to storage.

The beer flexible production line is the most widely used production line equipment in the alcohol industry, mainly using the PLC automatic control system for beer transportation. The beer production line equipment is mainly divided into filling, conveying, labeling, sealing and packaging processes to complete the finished product. The flexible beer production line equipment can be used for aseptic filling. During the conveying process, the chain conveyor can also be used for single-row multi-row conveying, and the multi-row conveying can be carried out by using the speed of the multi-row chain plate without extrusion. Down into a single-line conveying, it can satisfy the labeling process and cleaning of beer bottles, and can also carry out pressure and no-pressure conveying for empty bottles and solid bottles.