Installation and use of flexible spiral conveyor

Flexible spiral conveyors can move virtually any bulk material, free-flowing and non-free-flowing materials and mixtures

Flexible spiral Conveyors (also known as screw conveyors) mobile conveyors are made of hygienic stainless steel with ground and polished welds for quick disassembly and thorough cleaning, fixed units are also available, and Large-capacity application unit; with high efficiency and versatility, it can transport bulk materials from large particles to sub-micron powders, either free-flowing or non-free-flowing, and does not separate mixed products.

Flexible chain conveyors can all be mounted on conveyor supports mounted on fixed frames, which reduces the need for multiple fixed units. Replaceable spirals, ducts, motor drives, hoppers, flow lifts, sensors, controllers and other components allow for easy customization of mobile and stationary units to meet diverse and demanding usage requirements.

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