How to choose the right modular belt conveyor?

The modular belt conveyor is widely used in the conveying industry due to its advantages of heavy bearing capacity and long service life. As a customer in use, it is easy to understand modular belt conveyors, but new customers who buy conveyors may not know the steps to choose modular belt conveyors. Let’s take a look at how to choose modular belt conveyor.

(1) Chain plate material, different composition materials choose chain plates of different materials.

(2) The thickness and pitch of the chain plate are proportional to the volume and weight of the conveyed material.

(3) The conveying speed is proportional to the conveying volume, and some exceptional one is designed to be 1.5 times the conveying volume.

Because modular belt conveyors use different environments, non-standard manufacturing methods are adopted.

The modular belt conveyor in the conveying link should be matched with the main equipment, and also suitable for personnel movement, product transportation, and beautiful site. Therefore, when designing the modular belt conveyor, on-site measurement must be carried out, and the design of chain conveyor should be based on the equipment layout and the size of the environment.