How to choose a reciprocating inclined conveyor?

The reciprocating inclined conveyor is driven by the sprocket, and the motor is adjusted and manipulated according to the frequency converter, so as to facilitate the repeated movement of the car to the left and right. The lift car is equipped with a transmission mechanism, which is convenient for the conveyed objects to step into the lift car of the elevator by itself. The reciprocating inclined conveyor has the characteristics of excellent operation, reliable performance, and high level of precision for improving the car. Reciprocating working mode, complete double-layer conveying; a variety of conveying options, suitable for different requirements; frequency conversion electrical control system, stable and reliable in work.


  1. High safety guarantee: After all, it is production equipment. Good equipment should have a unique safety guarantee system. Simultaneously with the movement trajectory of the elevator car, any abnormal operation can be detected. When everything is running normally and reliably, If the operation of the transmission chain is not stuck, loose, broken, the car is stuck or skewed, it is guaranteed to give an early alarm to remind the maintenance function, and it is more difficult to cause the car to fall.
  1. Speedunder high load conditions: For example, whether the load can reach 3 tons at a high speed of 60 m/s, there are not many manufacturers on the market that can achieve this speed and load, and generally it takes a long time. And a manufacturer with deeper technical precipitation.
  1. What is the strength of manufacturers and brands: Now consumers have a mentality that they like famous manufacturers and brands, because they can buy reciprocating inclined conveyorwith guaranteed quality and complete after-sales service, which makes sense.Well-known brands have more quality assurance, the production cost of large manufacturers is higher than that of small manufacturers, so the price will be slightly higher, but its technical content, after-sales service, etc. are much better than small manufacturers.
  1. Look at the brand of accessories used and their compatibility. Depending on the brand of accessories, the effect of the whole equipment is different. For example, if the customer wants a inclined conveyorwith high safety, then the motor, guide rail, sprocket, control box and control system need to use companion devices with high strength, high precision and high sensitivity, rather than just looking at a single configuration. Of course, the brand selection of some accessories can be proposed by customers, but those that are not suitable or unsuitable must not be used. The role of the control system is particularly important at this time.

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