How to attain flexible conveyor for multi-level transportation?

In the daily processing industry in various fields, the relevant factories will choose to use different types of machines for daily processing. At the same time, after completing the daily processing, the factory will transport the products through the flexible chain conveyor. And this can not only reduce the possibility of product contamination, but also improve the daily processing efficiency.

The product will enter the entrance of the flexible conveyor through the corresponding channel, and then the machine will start the conveying of the product. During this period, the rollers in the conveyor will rotate at high speed to achieve the effect of conveying products and improve the daily conveying efficiency. Second, the finished product will be placed in the corresponding position.

At the same time, the chain part inside the conveyor has the same basic shape and the same technical performance, and this part can be adjusted appropriately according to customer needs to configure a suitable chain. And a conveyor system within the machine saves floor space by enabling multi-level transport, which allows easy operator access.

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