How many lubrication methods are there for modular belt conveyors?

1.Electric Lubrication System Software

The electric lubricating station is generally installed in the middle part of the lubrication system software of the modular belt conveyor. Generally, the lubricating station must be set and ensured to be clean. The 2-wire lubrication system software provides oil to the 2-wire oil change based on the relay. The differential pressure switch is generally installed at the end of the responsible line, followed by a distributor. The barometer is generally installed around the differential pressure switch. The piping material specification is the same as the manual lubrication system software.

2.Manual lubrication system software

The manual thin oil station should be installed as far as possible in the management center of a modular belt conveyor lubrication intelligent management system, and the distributor should be installed on the lubricated machinery and equipment according to the fixed capital. Installation in different positions should be convenient for employees to observe and repair.


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