Four measures for the maintenance of food modular belt conveyors

During the operation of the food modular belt conveyor, the contact between the food and the modular belt is the most frequent. If it is used for a long time, the modular belt will naturally have some damage, which will affect the conveying work and even bring some hygiene to the food. Therefore, we should carry out reasonable maintenance of the conveyor belt in daily life. There are the following 4 measures:

1. The modular belt of the modular belt conveyor vibrates:

When the modular belt vibrates, it is necessary to shut down the food conveyor equipment in time, and then check whether the rollers in the conveyor rack or the conveyor tunnel are corrosive. If this phenomenon occurs, the user needs to adjust it in time.

2. The modular belt of the modular belt conveyor deviates:

If the modular belt is deviated, it is recommended that the operator adjust the tension shaft at one end of the driven shaft. Attention that during the adjustment process, the speed must not be too fast to avoid scratches on the edge of the modular belt.

3. The modular belt conveyor conveys corrosive materials:

If the modular belt conveys corrosive materials or is affected by the humidity of the working environment, the user must pay great attention to the selection of the material of the food modular belt parts.

4. The chain of the modular belt conveyor appears to be skipped:

If the chain of the food conveyor is skipped or the operation is unstable during the production operation, it is necessary to check whether the sprockets at both ends of the driving shaft are running synchronously. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the tooth ends of the sprocket are excessively worn.