Double lanes driven spiral conveyor with SS304 frame support (2)

Features of Shaftless Spiral Conveyors

Shaftless spiral conveyor is a supporting equipment for the decontamination of the pollution control machinery. It is mainly used to transport the dirt separated by the grid decontamination machine, and can be used to transport sludge, semi-fluid and other substances. Structural features:

  • Shaftless spiral conveyor consists of shaftless spiral, U-shaped groove, lining plate, cover plate, inlet and outlet and driving device.
  • The material is input from the feed port, and is output from the discharge port after being pushed by the spiral.
  • Simple structure, no bearing in the trough, smooth material conveying and easy maintenance.
  • Except for the opening of the inlet and outlet, the rest can be covered and closed, so that the material will not overflow and reduce air pollution.

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