Conveyor Equipment

Problems to be paid attention to when using conveyors in the case of grinding;


  1. The conveyor belt can be prevented from being directly exposed to abrasive materials by installing the chain cover;
  2. When the conveyor belt is exposed to the abrasive material, the appropriate conveyor type must be selected;
  3. Reduce the chain speed as much as possible;
  4. In order to reduce the pressure of the hinge composed of the pin shaft and the sleeve of the conveyor belt, please choose a larger size conveyor belt;
  5. Please use grease lubricant.

The treatment method for the slippage of the conveyor belt of the conveying equipment:


  1. Solve the slippage of the modular belt of the heavy hammer tension modular belt conveyor. For the modular belt conveyor using the heavy hammer tensioning device, when the modular belt of the modular belt conveyor slips, the counterweight can be added to solve the problem, until the modular belt does not slip. However, it should not be added too much, so as not to cause the modular belt of the modular belt conveyor to bear unnecessary excessive tension and reduce its service life.
  2. Solve the slippage of the modular belt of the spiral tensioning or hydraulic tensioning modular belt conveyor. Using a modular belt conveyor with screw tension or hydraulic tension, the tension stroke can be adjusted to increase the tension force when the modular belt slips. However, sometimes the tensioning stroke is not enough, resulting in permanent deformation of the modular belt of the modular belt conveyor. At this time, the modular belt can be cut off and re-vulcanized.

The reason why the conveyor belt is too tight caused by the conveyor of the conveying equipment:


  1. Don’t know the maintenance knowledge, I don’t know how to adjust it correctly, and the result is that the stainless steel modular belt is tightened by mistake.
  2. Don’t know its harm, and I rarely do daily maintenance. In order to be lazy and save trouble, I directly tighten the modular belt, which is convenient and easy. No matter what kind of situation causes the stainless steel modular belt to be tightened, it will greatly reduce the service life of the modular belt and machinery and equipment, and will also affect the quality of the product to a certain extent.

Derusting method for conveyor of conveying equipment:


The rain wash effect was determined by placing the same conveyor belt directly in the atmosphere and in a sheltered location. The effect of manual flushing was determined by manually scrubbing the right side of each conveyor belt every six months with a sponge soaked in soapy water. It was found that the removal of surface dust and deposits by rainwashing and manual scrubbing had a favorable effect on surface condition compared to conveyor belts placed in sheltered and non-flushed areas. It was also found that the condition of the surface processing also had an effect, and the conveyor belt with a smooth surface was better than a conveyor belt with a rough surface.​​


The tension adjustment method of the conveyor of the conveying equipment:


First of all, adjust the parallelism of the drive shaft and the driven shaft (if the parallelism is not reached, it will cause the conveyor to deviate and skip teeth on one side), then fix the drive end bearing and sprocket, and adjust the center distance of the sprocket. The passive end is tensioned in parallel on both sides from loose to tight. At this time, the lower modular belt is vertically lifted by hand until the chain is 50mm higher than the lower track, and finally the passive end bearing and tensioning bolts are fixed.

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