plastic flexible chain conveyor

Classification and application of flexible conveyor lines

There are many transportation methods for flexible conveyor lines. The most commonly used transportation methods in production operations include horizontal and vertical transportation, turning transportation, and lifting and climbing transportation. Both ends of the flexible conveyor can be equipped with protective fences and protective frames, which can maintain a stable state during the transportation of materials, and can also make the products not easily deformed.


There are two types of flexible conveyor lines according to the load-bearing classification, heavy chain plate conveyors and light chain plate conveyors. Heavy-duty chain conveyors are usually more used for ground logistics transportation. Light chain plate conveyor also known as flat-top chain conveyor, the main body of the conveyor has a very flexible transportation method, which is not only fully effective, but also can effectively use space, can be designed and used alone, or can be combined with other conveyors to form a production line. Easy to operate.


In actual use, flexible conveyor lines are widely used in food industry, canned beverages, cosmetics, washing products and other industries.

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