Can flexible conveyor lines help us improve production efficiency?

Before flexible chain conveyor are widely used, the factory transports products manually, which is not only time-consuming but also labor-intensive. However, with the vigorous promotion of flexible conveyor lines, more and more factories have begun to use flexible conveyor lines to transport products, which can not only reduce the labor intensity of workers but also improve daily work efficiency.

Generally, the flexible chain conveyor is composed of chassis body, conveyor belts and other accessories. At the same time, the processed products will be transferred to the product accumulation area of the machine through the conveyor belt. Then, the machine will start conveying the material. During this time, the multiple rubber rotors in the machine are appropriately selected as required to transport the product to the appropriate location.

At the same time, customers can install chain claws on the conveyor belt of the flexible conveyor line according to the actual situation. And these claws can smoothly clamp the product on the conveyor belt without damaging the product. And the product moves along the defined path, which improves the overall quality of the product.

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