Anti-skid measures for flexible conveyor line

The chain plate of the flexible conveyor is used for the conveying operation on the bearing surface, and different chain plates can be selected in different operating environments to meet the overall operational needs. Due to the normal working environment, some material sliding problems often occur.

Since the flexible chain conveyor can transport materials horizontally, as well as conveying materials by turning and tilting, when the conveying inclination of the conveyor is too large, some material sliding problems will occur, which will bring about the production organization of the working surface many difficulties. For example, sometimes the conveyor can meet the requirements of production, but with the change of the inclination angle of the working face, the lengthening or shortening of the working face after the inclination adjustment cannot meet the needs of production, and it is necessary to increase or decrease the bracket. In addition, if the inclination angle is too large, the slope adjustment alone cannot completely control the sliding of the conveyor. Therefore, when the inclination angle of the working face is large, a non-slip device should be adopted to cooperate with the inclination adjustment process to control the sliding of the conveyor.

In order to prevent the sliding of the flexible conveyor, the manufacturer will also add a wedge device to improve the resistance. A special wedge-shaped anti-skid roller is set at the bottom of the conveyor, which are respectively connected with the bracket base and the rear ear pins, and are connected to the rear. The conveying equipment is equipped with guide grooves to cooperate with each other, so that the support and the conveying line are the fulcrums of each other, which not only prevents the conveyor from sliding down the conveying material, but also balances the longitudinal torque of the support. When the material machine is up-cutting the material, the flexible surface conveyor has a sliding force, so when the working surface slides very seriously, the conveying sequence of the materials to be conveyed should be changed to carry out single-row conveying or single-row side-by-side conveying.

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