What should we pay attention to when debugging the modular belt conveyor?

  • During the entire using process of the modular belt conveyor, no matter what the surface temperature is, it is necessary to carry out a rigorous test for the running speed, and record and control it continuously, because if the surface temperature of the modular belt is so low, there will be some dangerous things.
  • If the transport materials are as much as possible to ensure the uniformity of the origin of the materials in the modular belt conveyor, they should not be too scattered, so as to avoid the deviation of the modular belt and the damage of the materials during the transportation process. In addition to the technical staff who is relevant to the modular belt conveyor, can be forced to cool the material and tape during transportation, which can ensure the stability of the material and the modular belt.
  • When the modular belt material stops running, the hot material should be loaded and unloaded immediately, and the modular belt should be cleaned and maintained immediately, and placed in a damp and ventilated place for the next use.
  • Three requirements for debugging of modular belt conveyor
  • When overhauling the modular belt conveyor, pay attention to whether the chain is fastened, whether there is a scraper and pulse, etc., and record it immediately and deal with the phenomenon after the shutdown. Pay attention to whether the motor, reducer and coupling are driving stably or not, and the maintenance personnel will be changed immediately.
  • Drive immediately after receiving the stop signal to prevent the conveyor from running empty for a long time.
  • If the load of the modular belt conveyor is too heavy to push the modular belt, it should be driven and disposed of immediately. Pay attention to the time interval of opening ≤ 3 times, and the opening time of the number of times ≤ 15 seconds.